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          I’m an African American man, and would love to see more black men writing fantasy and science-fiction. There are too few of us writing in these genres today. I truly want to help my underdeveloped community flourish and grow! I would also love to read more stories written by black veterans. We have a unique voice that needs to be heard!

          In regard to my career, I served in the military and worked in the government sector for many years. I’m partially retired, which lets me focus on my true passions, writing and inventing. I’m a very science-minded person, but I’m also in touch with my artistic, imaginative side. Years ago, I earned a Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I also earned several film degrees. I intend to write more scripts when time allows. I was also a writer and editor for a comic book company, and we published thousands of comics in our heyday.

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Winston Harrell

Vlain And The Last Wild by Author Winston Harrell


& the last wild

        What would you do if you were truly invincible? Would you use it to further your own ambitions, or would you share it with the world for the betterment of all? This question haunts the famous warrior known as Vlain the Last. He was just another legionnaire until he chanced upon a jinn and wished for his heart’s desire.

        Vlain has just returned from a successful maritime adventure when the emperor of Elamara asks him to help lead the 9th Legion to victory against the wild beast-men in their vast woodland realm known as the Last Wild. Vlain agrees and is thus pulled into a brooding conflict between the woodlanders and humans. However, Vlain soon realizes there’s far more to the conflict than he was told. He must quickly decide where his true allegiances lie as tensions rise and battle-lines are drawn. 

— Winston T Harrell

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       At its heart, Vlain and the Last Wild is about honor, integrity, and loyalty as seen through the lens of military service. It’s a story written by a veteran, about a veteran, and for veterans as well as anyone else interested in fantasy-based military campaigns. My novel poses such questions as what lengths are you willing to go to ensure the safety of your men, should promoting peace come before your own ambitions, and should you turn against your own military if it becomes corrupt? These issues are as relevant today as they were back in Rome’s zenith, the country and era I modeled my fictional legionnaires on. The reader will watch the issues mentioned above unfold through the eyes of the central protagonist, Vlain. In some ways, he’s an everyday soldier, striving to do his best in a flawed military unit, but he also represents man’s age-old desire for invincibility. You’ll be entertained and intrigued as you witness him wrestle with far-reaching moral dilemmas while trying to keep his men alive in a dangerous new land.

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the story of


       In sixteenth-century Sweden, twenty-two-year-old Nadia Nordegran is thrilled to start her new job as a maid at Melbourne Manor. Mathias Melbourne is a mysterious and aloof employer, but Nadia’s time within the manor walls is otherwise happy: She marries and has a daughter, Luvia. Her idyllic family life is shattered, however, when Nadia discovers Lord Melbourne is a centuries-old vampyre—and in an uncontrollable fit of blood-lust, Melbourne kills Nadia’s husband. Consumed by rage and grief, Nadia attacks her vampyric employer, despite being obviously outmatched. As a result, the manor is consumed by fire, Lord Melbourne escapes, and Nadia is unwittingly transformed into a vampyre herself. Struggling with the reality of the monster she has become, Nadia tries to find meaning in her new existence and clings to the humanity she has left. Superstition, fear, political turmoil, and religious upheaval confine Nadia to the outskirts of society. She lives in the shadows of the forest and acts as a supernatural protector to Luvia and the local villagers. But when Nadia discovers Lord Melbourne has taken up residence outside of Sweden, she now has a new focus for her eternal existence: revenge
— Winston T Harrell

The Story Of Umbrella by Author Winston Harrell
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silver moon


          Silver Moon Warpath has been a long time coming. I first had the concept for this story over twenty years ago when I was in the U.S. Marines. I got the concept for a story in which a lone, shape-shifting Indian warrior pits himself against the U.S. Army, while enjoying a role playing game with some fellow Marines. It’s an action-packed, heart-breaking tale that is near and dear to my heart.

— Winston T Harrell

Vlain And The Last Wild by Author Winston Harrell
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        In the year of 1872, the U.S. Army massacres a tribe of Native American Indians known as the Nukaina in the Dakota territory. Unbeknownst to the Army, a hunting party consisting of seven Indian braves was away on a hunt during the brutal attack. The seven braves vow to avenge the deaths of their fallen loved ones upon returning to their destroyed village. One of the Indian men, known as Silver Moon, harbors a great secret: he’s a skin-walker who can transform into a deadly blend of wolf and man. Silver Moon summons the full power of his monstrous, bestial form when he goes on a bloody warpath of revenge that pits him against the U.S. Army.

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my short stories

Short Story Doctor Love By Author Winston Harrell

doctor love

      Doctor Love focuses on a female FBI agent named Agent Rosa who’s tasked with investigating a brilliant doctor and charismatic influencer known as Doctor Evelyn Lantis, aka Doctor Love. Doctor Lantis presides over a rapidly growing community called the People of Agape that’s located just outside of Bend, OR. Agent Rosa infiltrates the People of Agape for several weeks to learn why some local children, who were playing near the Agape compound, began acting like the supposed cultists. The Bureau wants to know if the Agape cult can modify human behavior and if they’re dangerous or not. Agent Rosa gathers intelligence on Dr. Love and the other Agapians until she figures out their secret. After getting the evidence she needs, Agent Rosa is presented with a difficult choice, the results of which will determine the fate of the world.

Shoot the Messenger

    Two hi-tech mercenaries known as Locke and Reaper collide with an evil, Lovecraftian god named Nyarlathotep in this high-octane, science-fiction story set in the Middle-East. It all starts with a call from a client who asks the mercenaries to eliminate a mysterious arms-dealer known only as the Messenger. Locke and Reaper agree to take the job since the generous bounty of one billion dollars will allow them to retire from the mercenary trade. What looked like a simple kill mission, however, quickly unravels when they realize that their enemy has devastating technology that shouldn’t exist. The mission gets even more bizarre and nightmarish when the Messenger reveals his true form!

Short Story Shoot the Messenger By Author Winston Harrell
Short Story Lucky Thirty-Four by Author Winston Harrell

lucky thirty-four

          In the short story Lucky Thirty-Four a young man named Terrence finds an enchanted playing card that gives him perfect luck. His status as an athlete and student quickly soar to new, unimaginable heights due to its unnatural effect. The time eventually comes, however, when he must decide whether he should maintain his incredible, secret advantage, or share the card with the rest of humanity.

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what my test readers and
reviewers are saying

The Story of Umbriel was a great read! It kept me captivated from start to finish. I loved all the unique and interesting characters. It was detailed and the author clearly did his research. It leaves you waiting to see what will happen next. Amusing read!!”  – Charlene Hoeft

The Story of Umbriel was an exceptional read! I was fascinated from start to finish. I loved all the unique and intriguing characters. The story was in-depth, and the author certainly did his research. I look forward to seeing what happens next with Umbriel. Entertaining read!” – Kimico-Komica Norton

The Story of Umbriel was absolutely worth the read. This is lovely, suspenseful and gut wrenching. This novel took me through all ranges of emotions starting with the awe of such a beautiful and true love between two young people, to rage in what was taken from them, but also to a heartache only a mother could feel and relate to. This was very well written and captured my attention the entire way through.”  – Angela Stewart

“There were some great moments in The Story of Umbriel. The reunion between Nadia and Luvia was heart-wrenching, and I loved it when Nadia realized she was Umbriel reincarnated.” – William Duck.

“Overall, I wish I could write as well as you. Your style is great and very fitting for fantasy. As already mentioned in the world building part, your descriptions are exceptional, but the dialogues, action sequences and characters’ reactions are very strong, too.” – Peter Cole.

“Winston has a bold writing style that pulls you into his stories and imbues his characters with life in that they feel like real, flesh and blood people. I can’t recommend his work enough.” – Bryan Seward reviewing Vlain and the Last Wild.

Picture of Author Winston Harrell